Thursday, December 27, 2012

bye bye bye bye bye

I'm abandoning this blog and replacing it with "Daughter of Schenectady Synecdoche" here. I've had problems with the Blogger blog that I just have not been able to fix. (If you're viewing this on a Mac computer browser, for example, you probably can't see the entire title.) A migration to WordPress is an easier fix. Like "Schenectady," "Daughter" is where I blog about personal stuff like cooking, gardening, and cycling.

If you're keeping score, there are two other blogs: "Writing Matters" is here, for blogworthy stuff related to first-year writing pedagogy, and "Chenango Metonymy" is here, for other professional and scholarly informal writing. And hey, I'm on Twitter here.

You may be noticing that there aren't a whole lot of posts on the blogs. Maybe that will change, maybe it won't. But I'm keeping all three, for whenever the spirit moves me. Meanwhile, I manage that 140 characters pretty often.

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